Фотомоделей нарядили в мусор, чтобы показать проблемы Земли

Бельгийско-бенинский фотограф Фабрис Монтейру много лет работает над проектом под названием «Пророчество». В нем он отображает глобальные экологические проблемы: загрязнение океанов, истощение природных ресурсов, уничтожение животных и многое другое. Большая часть впечатляющих снимков сделал в Африке, остальные — в Австралии и Колумбии.

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Fabrice Monteiro worked for his photo serie 'The Prophecy' together with fashion designer Doulsy, also known as Jay Gal. Through the project, Fabrice addresses the critical environmental problems faced by the African landscape and asks the viewer to confront their own behaviour and reconsider their effect on the world around them. He and his team build constructions inspired by jinn, west-african spirits, working with found materials, such as plastic bags and turn them into ballgowns. Spotted at Paris Photo in the booth of In Camera Galerie. @African_Art_Stories #africanartstories #amsterdam #visualstorytelling #StoryMaker #africancontemporaryart #contemporaryafricanart #africanphotography #fabricemonteiro #Senegal #Benin #Parisphoto #InCameraGalerie

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The Prophecy#7#djinn#spirit#flood#globalwarming#

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Fabrice Monteiro his beautiful work 'The Prophecy' urgues the world to wake up. His pictures are addressing environmental issues from global warming to pollution and climate change, shedding light on an important discourse. His initial idea was to create a sort of tale for kids that was based on traditional beliefs, especially animism — the belief in spirits. He shot nine prophecies in Senegal but he wants to start to make these images all around the world — Africa was just the starting point for an issue that effects the entire planet. A new Prophecy is at the moment under constuction, number 14. Seen at Paris Photo with In Camera Gallery. @African_Art_Stories #africanartstories #amsterdam #visualstorytelling #StoryMaker #africancontemporaryart #contemporaryafricanart #africanphotography #fabricemonteiro #theprophecy #benin #senegal #belgium #incameragalerie #parisphoto

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This is the third 'Prophecy' of thirteen made by Fabrice Monteiro and of course I hope to see once also the other ten 😊. The way Monteiro shines a light on the environmental issues in West-Africa, using African culture and traditions, is very imaginative and powerful because we all recognise the problems and it does not matter where we live on Mother Earth. Every single image is about one specific issue and that issue is global. The heat, no rain, dust storms and than the spirit in this image showing us that there are other ways, much more environment friendly, to create energy for cooking instead of using wood. Fabulous and impressive serie of photographs. @African_Art_Stories #africanartstories #amsterdam #visualstorytelling #StoryMaker #africancontemporaryart #contemporaryafricanart #africanphotography #Fabricemonteiro #Senegal #Benin #Parisphoto #InCameraGalerie

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